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Some back issues of Bust Out magazine (print version) are still available from Guy Biederman: guyb@sonic.net


hammer and wrench


How-To Stories
Akasha Halsey • How to Dress Sexy
Mark Khraling • Learning to Tie Your Shoes
Carolyn Ingram • Elena and Helen: Itzapa, Guatemala
Christie Nelson • How to Deal With All Kinds of Trouble
Ellen Swain Veen • How to Hear Music

WINTER 2008-2009

ferris wheel edges


Stories About Edges
Akasha Halsey • Trudy’s Prized Possessions
Mark Khraling • Ma'at: Creating Order out of Chaos
Carolyn Ingram • One
Rosie Sorenson • A Slight Edge Over Madness


Parisian barber shop exterior


Stories About Hair
Ellen Swain • The Color Wheel
Carolyn Ingram • Transit Center
Connie Lewis • Hair Apparent
Rick Klein • Coyote


bus stop and bus


Bus Stop Stories
Carolyn Ingram • Shades of Red
Rick Klein • Full Moon Smiling
Christie Nelson • It’s Only Business
Taylor Teegarden • Too Perfect
Louise Trudeau • The Mission


x and o sketch


Judith Day • Queen of Hearts
Bud Debo • Exes and Owes
Marko Fong • Miscellany
Cristie Marcus • Double X’s
Ron Pasquariello • On Not Getting It
Camille Picott • Erotic Fiction
Jo-Anne Rosen • Kindred Spirits
Linda Saldaña • X and O
Rima Snyder • Imaginary Lines


watercolor of a woman


Tim Bacon • Straightening Up
Bud Debo • Bye-Bye
Patrick Fanning • Backing a Trailer
Cristie Marcus • Pillow Talk
Ron Pasquariello • He Kissed Her
Jo-Anne Rosen • Silences
Linda Saldaña • Z for Sale


sketch of face with pen for nose


Tim Bacon • Bright Future
Marilyn Berkowitz • Jamboree
Joyce Dutton • The Waitress and the Hungry Prospector
Emilio Gonzales • Make Believe
Julie Marchasin • At Last, a Straw
Cristie Marcus • Raymond and Wanda
Glen McRea • Skinning the Cherry Tree
Robert Muncrief • The Eye of the Needle
Ron Pasquariello • Kissimmee
Camille Picott • Casualty of War
Chris Picott • Laughter Is My Medicine
Pame Roscoe • Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Jo-Anne Rosen • After the Revolution

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